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Electron app from dvd poor loading performance

5:58pm 26th March 2016 1902 Views

We just finished building an electron application with node and react. The application is running smooth on every platform and we are pretty happy of the result. Now we received the request to distribute a version of that app on dvd (meaning that we need to run the application directly from the disc without installing it on the local drive) so we just burn it and tried to launch it. The app is working fine but the problem is the loading time as it takes almost 2 minutes to have the app running without any feedback to the end user. This is caused by the overhead for loading a large number of files which is very slow from the optical drive. So we need some ideas to speed up things or at least to have something to show to the user during the loading time. This could be a launcher application with a splash screen but it must run on mac, win and linux. We thought at QT, but we'd like something less complicated..

Any ideas are welcome


Frank van Puffelen

3:43pm 4th January 2017

This is most likely not a problem with the application or device you are running it on, it is more likely to be a slow DVD Player or a slow DVD itself, it might also be useful trying to distribute via other methods, such as making an installer and letting people download from a website, or selling USBs with the executable on. Another question, have you converted your electron app from source to executables? It is much faster and easier to start executables than it is to run the electron code from a command.

T.J. Crowder

3:55pm 14th April 2017

I have a theory, it might have to do with the fact that you can't write to your typical DVD, so it may not be the load time, it might be that it's trying to write, and it can't.

I did a little investigation into my theory, and downloaded some electron apps, and then started investigating their package contents (on MacOS) to see if they were modified by the OS during the install process.

Most of the files I encountered had the same creation/modified date from when the app was packaged for deployment. However, in both of these cases, I noticed that inside the Contents/Frameworks there were three directories that were modified at the time I installed the app (Electron Framework.framework, Mantle.framework, ReactiveCocoa.framework, and Squirrel Framework).

It seems that if it tried to make those updates to those files on a DVD, there'd be an error.

That's my theory - it may not be correct, but haven't heard it mentioned here, so maybe look into that.